taza & husband have some news…

it’s finally very official! 

husband was offered a wonderful new job within jpmorgan 

(where he currently works) …and we took it.  and that means, we’re moving. to washington D.C. …in 2 weeks. yes yes. we are SO excited for this new adventure! we can’t stop jumping up and down!  (this might have something to do with our new lovely living arrangements. ... Read more

why i love my {job}.

i’m working on a few things with the 5 browns this year and  since they were a big part of zac posen’s show for fashion week,  i loved getting to spend a few hours with him and his darling parents  at his studio last week before the big fashion show.  check out his stunning collection here. ... Read more


the shake shack put onions on my burger tonight. 

how dare they. husband is away at scout camp. i probably won’t sleep tonight. carolyn is one of the most awkward people i know. maybe that is why we’re best friends. i’ve decided i still don’t know what i want to be when i grow up. but this whole stylist thing in the meantime is sure a lot of fun.... Read more