joe’s pizza and popsicles and a night in the west village!

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these photos are from yesterday in the early evening when we decided to ignore our usual more structured dinner and early bedtime routine and head down to the west village for our favorite joe’s pizza, popsicles from popbar and of course plenty of playground time at one of our favorite nearby spots.  it felt so good to be together doing something we have done countless times before during the warmer months of the year. ...

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our family christmas card photos!

i’m so excited to share our family photos for our christmas card this year! i love how they turned out.  katie rain took them at the beginning of the month on a super cold saturday morning where i tried my best to really bundle everyone up but we still felt cold (my ankles especially. will i ever learn?!) i don’t know why family photos tend to stress me out, but i felt a little anxious this round when we’re trying to get all five of us in one shot....

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date night.

last week, we tucked one of our babies into bed (the other two would go to bed within the hour after we left), and hopped on the train to head to the west village for dinner. josh looked so dapper as we left the apartment in his tie. so fancy! i love that man in his ties....

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the west village.

funny fact: when we moved back to new york city from washington DC, we started our apartment search in the west village.  partly because the idea of living near joe’s pizza excited us to no end, and also because it’s just a terribly fun and charming part of new york.

there was also this moment when we were dating once upon a time a billion years ago where we were in the village at maybe ten o’clock at night, standing in the most beautiful and epic snow storm right outside of murray’s cheese shop.  ...

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where the day will take you.

when you head out together for the day without definite plans.  the weather says occasional showers but you ignore it and go (without the umbrella.) it only rains once in there for maybe 5 minutes anyway so you’re already winning.  it’s fun to see where the day will take you… a few different playgrounds, meeting up with old friends and running into others, wandering around neighborhoods while stroller naps happen and sampling a few different dishes as you go....

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