be my valentine!

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one of my favorite holidays is here! the one where we get to celebrate love by basically eating anything chocolate all day long! ;) i mean, how can this not be in anyone’s top 5 favorite days of the year to celebrate?!

on saturday, the kids and i made more chocolate covered strawberries than we knew what to do with, and i think it’s safe to say we are all a little bit over them at this point....

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little letters, valentine’s day edition.

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dear throw pillows, i love you and promise to never get rid of you even if my husband protests your existence each day.

dear waffle maker, thank you for coming to my rescue last night at 12:43AM. i told the kids and josh that i bought you at christmas for all of us, but i’m realizing that if i’m being totally honest, i bought you just for me....

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a few favorite moments from last month, not to be forgotten.

^^^because this *was* a really beautiful moment. and then sister decided to kick brother in the back. you know, siblings. ^^^

^^^this box served as endless entertainment at our house for days … children don’t need toys. just tupperware. and a cardboard box. i swear. ^^^

^^^handmade rings with my loved ones’ names on my ring finger.^^^

^^^i don’t know where they get it from!...

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happy valentine’s day!

hope you had a wonderful valentine’s day!

we started our morning off with lots of sweet kisses and hugs from eleanor (she has recently figured out how to give us ‘squeeze’ hugs and we are eating them up!) i woke up to a new tea kettle in my kitchen this morning (i’ve been needing and wanting a new one for a while now) and pretty flowers were delivered this afternoon from my love (kingsley kindly ate half of them before i even saw them.... Read more

valentines day. who and what do you love?

i really love this holiday.

because i love love. all kinds. it’s good for you. it’s healthy. i love josh. because he’s my best friend. he loves me for me and we’re a little family. i love my mom and dad. because they continue to be there for me. and support me. and still love me even though sometimes i pretend to know it all.... Read more