i permed my hair!

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if there is one thing i like to change up as often as i can, it’s this thing on top of my head called my hair. i mean, you probably know that if you’ve read this blog of mine for even just a minute.  and while i’ve put my hair through several chops and styles and even shades (anyone remember when i tried to be blonde by way of platinum a few years back?!), i’d never permed it, though always dreamed of one, and well....

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a little update.

hello! hope your weekend was great! and your monday…. and tuesday. ;) eleanor has started walking…finally! we still have a ways to go but she loves to stand and dance all on her own and is finally putting a few steps in there, too. we are very proud. there has been a lot of cheering and clapping going on around these parts lately.... Read more

last week, with iphone photos.

we spent most of our week searching for a dresser for our bedroom and a desk for my little crafting space. but no luck (yet). we got to see these good friends in concert thursday evening and caught up over dinner with them earlier in the week. saturday we spent a good portion of our day over on U street which is always a fun place to explore.... Read more

and we have power. finally.

goodness! these last two days have been quite the adventure! we were affected by the power outage in d.c. tuesday afternoon and a whopping 2 days later, it’s finally back! why this power outage had to occur on the hottest days so far this year, i still don’t know (actually i do know. the heat is what caused it, but anyway…) it was quite the experience and i’m just really glad it’s over.... Read more

updates + more updates.

i’m afraid i’ll jinx it, because we haven’t officially signed the lease just yet… but, we found a big old victorian home (to rent) that just might really-truly-dreams-do-come-true be ours by the end of the month. and, there is natural light! and two full baths! and dogs allowed! with a parking space! and in our price range…which is the best part.... Read more