a few favorite moments from last month, not to be forgotten.

^^^because this *was* a really beautiful moment. and then sister decided to kick brother in the back. you know, siblings. ^^^

^^^this box served as endless entertainment at our house for days … children don’t need toys. just tupperware. and a cardboard box. i swear. ^^^

^^^handmade rings with my loved ones’ names on my ring finger.^^^

^^^i don’t know where they get it from!...

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walking in on this scene in the living room yesterday almost killed me with cuteness.

it’s silly how much we already love our little king. ... Read more

still happy.

i keep having terrible dreams where terrible things happen. i’m stressed. and sleep deprived. my skin is acting up. i need to have my eyes checked. i yawned like 20 times today. and, we’re still waiting. but i have the coolest little desk. my husband makes me smile and laugh. my cuticles have never looked so good.... Read more