just developed an old roll of holga film i took last winter. how i love forgetting about a roll of film  and being pleasantly surprised once it’s developed.  and perhaps it made me long to be back in my city… even on the coldest ugliest nyc winter day. photos of columbia university, nyc and of my lovelies, sumaya & carolyn ... Read more

sailing in the dominican republic…

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i think it was his favorite part of our trip. but he grew up on the water so he’s used to it. josh kept making our sail boat go so fast on such big waves i almost had a heart attack. it is not for me.

i’m just thankful we didn’t die and my cameras didn’t fall into the ocean… ... Read more

taking our little holga out to play…

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she surprises me every time. for example, i have no idea why some of the photos she took developed with this beautiful misty purple tint, but i love them anyway. good job, holga. photos from our trip to the DR. {i added a little box on the right column of the blog with info regarding polaroid, diana & holga cameras.... Read more