family outing.

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the last few days have been a little bit crazy. josh and i are working on a lot of different projects right now and while we’re grateful for the chance to work together and for the flexibility it brings to our family life, it can be hard to leave work (at work?! where is that!) when you work from home and not have it constantly looming somewhere close by.  ...

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bicycles and (almost) autumn!

on sunday mornings, josh has meetings before church and by the time he runs home after they end to pick up me and eleanor, plus swinging by any homes of the youth in our church to see if they need a ride, we often end up late! so today eleanor and i decided we might as well bike to church so we could be on time and save josh from coming home to grab us… just as we were out the front door with my foot literally on the pedal, josh shows up and is all, “waiiiiiitttt!... Read more

mother dear.

last week, was a very hard week for me. i called my mom in tears. i couldn’t even get the words out— so i just cried on my end of the phone and let her listen. she listened, but not for long. she told me to go outside and take a walk. get some fresh air.... Read more