the national arboretum.

between brunch and a BBQ with friends on labor day, we took a quick little afternoon trip over to the national arboretum since we were in the neighborhood getting frosties at wendy’s. should i be embarrassed to say the main reason we ever end up doing anything is if it’s driven by food? i guess that’s just how it is in our family.... Read more

arlington national cemetery.

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josh’s cousin travis came to visit us over the weekend from chicago. we went over to the arlington national cemetery with him on saturday before dinner. i’m embarrassed we still hadn’t been, but glad we finally went. it’s beautiful over there and was a nice opportunity to remember all those who have served and continue to serve our country so honorably.... Read more

bullies by the creek.

on saturday evening kingsley met up with his fellow bulldog friends out in virginia beside a shallow creek to play in the water. there were 17 bulldogs, total. we didn’t know how kingsley would handle the water, since he usually insists on crossing the street to avoid even the tiniest puddle on walks around the Hill (we don’t kid.) josh plopped him into the water right when we got there and he was suddenly a new dog, in love with the creek!... Read more

arcade fire concert.

on friday night we headed out to maryland to see spoon and arcade fire perform. of course it was incredible. but arcade fire, oh gosh. they know how to put on a show! we loved it. and we’re really loving their new album. here’s my favorite song from their new album the suburbs performed live in nyc: [youtube=] ... Read more


summer has always been my least favorite season. i love winter because i love the holidays and i love snow. and nothing beats crisp autumn air or new spring flowers. but kingsley caught a firefly in his mouth last night on our evening walk. and i don’t think i’ve ever seen anything so cute. also, we have a freezer stocked with otter pops and popsicles and a lot of really wonderful things are taking place this summer.... Read more