over the weekend…

this weekend we enjoyed trying to dodge mosquitos on family walks, homemade muffins and dinner at taylor gourmet, a breakfast and games at the park with our church group, lots of rain, lots of messes around our house (who wants to come over and help me clean?!), and lots of the most adorable smiles from samson boy.... Read more

the fourth.

we sure do love this country. and fireworks. watermelon. cotton candy. red white and blue!!! and watching eleanor whisper “woooowwwww!” to herself while pointing up at the sky every time a firework went off? few things in life are cuter. hope you had a happy 4th of july! happy birthday, america. ... Read more

strawberry picking.

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a few days ago, eleanor and i went strawberry picking with our friends carissa and rinah. we picked some of the most beautiful and ripe strawberries i’ve had. and despite our efforts, eleanor maybe sampled every strawberry in the field by taking a bite out of it. oops! i had big ideas of what i wanted to make with these strawberries, but somehow, one big bowl-full at a time, they’ve been disappearing from our fridge much faster than anticipated.... Read more

4th of july weekend, through photographs.

1– beautiful flags all around the hill 2, 3, 4– practicing our moves for these photos 5– red, white and blue dessert party with friends 6, 7– adorable little ones in the parade 8– kingsley enjoys the bubble machine more than the parade 9– two of our favorite little friends on the hill 10, 11- fireworks + sparklers for the second night in a row (and thanks to hannah for the last photo) and ps.... Read more

happy 4th!!!

we had fun with friends and sparklers last night as we got into the patriotic spirit of the 4th! excited to celebrate independence day in our nation’s capital today! happy 4th of july! ... Read more