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well i wish i had fun and exciting things to come blog about right now but frankly, we are just trying to survive stupid january and all the colds and coughs and 24-hour bugs that keep being sent our way.  the littles and i spent most of our morning in mama’s bed cuddling and napping together as we are finally getting over our last *I’M NOT KIDDING THIS BETTER BE THE LAST* 24-hour stomach bug this month....

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trapped in here.

we are finally beginning to feel like ourselves again over here! this whole sick thing has been no joke. and when both kids are sick, it’s hard enough. but then your husband and you as well? i mean, c’mon! let’s just be cruel now!

we have been in the apartment for so many days straight i am losing my mind....

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kingsley update.

it breaks my heart to see kingsley hooked up to an IV, isolated in an oxygen tank receiving breathing treatments with some stupid cone on his head so he won’t pull out his IV. but the good news is, he’s eating again and finally responding to us when we visit. we can’t wait to bring him back home from the pet hospital.... Read more

our little ninja is sick.

i took kingsley into the vet today because he didn’t eat dinner last night or breakfast this morning and had a runny nose and cough all night.

i thought i was being paranoid because he just had a check up last week and all looked good. but turns out, he had to be admitted to the pet hospital this afternoon and is in the ICU being treated for pneumonia.... Read more