on wednesday evening….

{photo from google. we haven’t downloaded all of ours yet} ….we sat and watched this woman perform. and we almost fell over in our chairs. she was that good. she’s so good. so beautiful. her music is so powerful. her voice is magical. and husband and i are a little bit over the moon for this lady.... Read more

rockstar giveaway!

guess who we are seeing in concert again tomorrow night? maybe just the most awesome artist & songwriter ever. that would be, regina spektor. {if you don’t know regina, click here or here or here.} and thanks to regina, her manager, and warner brothers, we have a totally awesome rockstar giveaway for you this week!... Read more

oh regina, how i love you.

dear regina: this song, this video, your other songs, your other videos, all your fabulous concerts… you will always be my favorite. thank you for putting out another album, i’ve been waiting and waiting. 

dear husband: she’s performing on {or perhaps for} my birthday june 17th in nyc. *hint. hint* just sayin.  ... Read more