painting pumpkins!

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last week, we took our pumpkins we hand picked at the pumpkin patch on a little adventure to central park to get painted! we loaded up the bucket bike with said pumpkins and supplies and treats and were on our way.  lately, samson has been wanting to be a “scary pumpkin” for halloween, so he kept saying he was going to paint his pumpkin “scary,” and also, “paint him green....

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happy halloween!

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happy halloween! we have two very excited firefighters at our house that cannot wait to get outside and put out some fires while  trick-or-treating later today! i thought halloween was fun before, but with toddlers who can really grasp it and are honestly living for it this year, it’s a whole new world of awesome.

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enjoying autumn today…


we spent most of our day out and about with friends. the weather was perfect. the colors were rich. and if you can get past the smell of garbage on the street corners, you can kind of smell october. which, by the way, smells uh-ma-zing. ... Read more

carving pumpkins.

on halloween we carved pumpkins together. eleanor enjoyed fishing for pumpkin guts inside the hollow pumpkins and kingsley enjoyed any pumpkin guts eleanor dropped on the floor. it’s a win win with those two. ps. don’t you love the two little bottom teeth on eleanor’s pumpkin? that was all josh. reminds me of my “baby pumpkin” from last year but only better because we have an actual baby here now, with two bottom teeth and everything.... Read more

halloween pumpkins.

josh said my pumpkin was a “happy baby” pumpkin. i wasn’t going for that, but guess it’s what’s on the brain. hope you had a happy halloween! see carved pumpkins from years past here and here and here. ... Read more