life lately.

life has been feeling incredibly speedy lately. it’s mid september and over the past couple of weeks, all three of my kids feel more grown up than usual to me. maybe it’s because i have a kindergartner now, my littlest is no longer nursing and also my middle child has made it his personal mission as of late to respond to any request i might ask his help with, with the most loving “no problem, mom!” that stops me dead in my tracks, it’s so dang cute. ...

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robots and code-a-pillars!

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lately, the kiddos (eh hem, i’m looking at you, mister samson!) are really into robots. and while josh and i are pretty selective when it comes to the kind of toys we bring into our home, we are just as excited about this robot phase, because we’re finding that it’s such a great way to bond interactive play with technology in a way that challenges problem solving and critical thinking skills....

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