first pizza.

last week we found ourselves at 2amy’s one day where eleanor enjoyed her first pizza crust (see?). it’s fun to watch this girl try new solid foods and actually *like* them. maybe this means a diet of only eating solids in the form of blackberries, toast, cheese sticks and chicken for the rest of our lives isn’t really going to happen!... Read more

over the weekend…

as the weekend began, josh said to me, “i feel like for mother’s day, we should celebrate all weekend with what you love most… food.” oh that man, he knows me so well. and so, that’s exactly what we did. we ate. all my favorite things, at all my favorite places (yes, this means we maybe ate pizza three times this past weekend… but hey, please tell me i’m not the only one who obsesses over one specific food until i’m sick of it, you do too?... Read more

pizza night.

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during these last few weeks of pregnancy, it’s been hard for me to find something that sounds good to eat. and usually, after a few bites, i feel full and sick. but last night pizza sounded appetizing and somehow i managed to eat my entire pizza pie all by myself! maybe i shouldn’t admit it, but accomplishing that made me feel like my regular self again!... Read more