a little date to see pipilotti rist!

back in 2008, i discovered pipilotti rist through an exhibition she was doing at the MoMA and i fell in love with her work called ever is over all. there is something about it that almost put me in a trance, where i could literally spend an hour just watching the same 3 minute clip in a loop, seeing and discovering new things each time i watched it, and piecing together a different story as well....

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she’s coming baaaack!

as if my monday couldn’t have gotten any better {it was such a wonderful, beautiful and busy day in the city}, i stopped by the MoMA on my way home… …and while i’m not dissing the MoMA {seriously, kirchner, van gogh and new photography ’08– my fav- are all there right now}, i couldn’t contain my excitement when i saw this sign:do you remember how crazy i was over her last exhibition at the museum? ... Read more


her name is pipilotti rist and i think she’s a genius. i first saw this my sophmore year at the MoMA and after sitting in the there for an hour watching this over and over, i started going back almost every week to watch it again.  it’s one of the most beautiful things i’ve ever seen. ... Read more