a pie baking lesson with friends at bubby’s!

so if you’ve read this blog since the beginning, you know how much i love eating at bubby’s here in new york city! i’ll argue with you until i’m blue in the face that there are no better pancakes in all the world, and also, there’s a photobooth in the basement, so case closed. ;) but really, we’ll find any excuse to head to tribeca so we can enjoy a meal there....

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pie night!

we hosted a little pie night over the weekend for friends. josh and i both grew up with neighbors who hosted a pie night of sorts and apparently, josh has always won the “best pie” part back in the day whenever he’s entered a pie baking competition. so naturally, he wanted to host a “best pie” contest with an awards ceremony at the end of the night.... Read more


Let it be known, it did feel a little staged prancing into our last class of ’08 party last night where the majority was stoned and tipsy carrying a tray of pies in pig tails. But I did it. 

Ever since I got engaged rumor had it at school “she’s totally going to leave school and become a little housewife for Joshy.” Well, mind you…I DID NOT leave school, I finished school.... Read more