sundays are for pancakes.

blueberry pancakes, at our house. but it doesn’t really matter….puffed pancakes, banana pancakes, plain pancakes. any kind, really, and you are good to go.  make them at dinnertime, they will taste better. and eat them with bacon. but don’t tell us if you do because then we’ll just be jealous because we didn’t have any bacon with ours and that was a bummer....

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easter 2012.

a few photos from easter sunday at our house…

^^^ josh made E and me easter pancakes! it was the best surprise to come downstairs to easter morning. and they were delicious. hope you had a happy easter spent with the ones you love! xo ... Read more

pancake morning.

on saturday morning we both woke up craving pancakes so we made blueberry for me and plain for husband. it was my favorite part of our weekend. whipping up pancakes together in the kitchen in our pj’s. listening to music and singing along for eleanor in her high chair (she still *thinks* we are the best singers ever…bless her) it’s moments spent like this with my family that make me feel pretty darn lucky.... Read more

pancake love over the weekend.

here’s a little weekend recap from our home… we watched many hours of general conference... {it was so good! more on this later} we got to talk on the phone with one of our favorite artists ever {more on this later, too} husband made me the best pancakes ever…

we cleaned our house and talked with our families on the phone… we ate sushi together on a park bench… took a long walk around capitol hill… we made apple pie with friends… and then ate dark chocolate cupcakes with more friends… we held a beautiful little 1 month old baby… josh told me i looked beautiful holding the baby… and we talked about where we might put up the christmas tree… how was your weekend?... Read more