around this apartment…

messy pigtails. lots and lots of popcorn being popped. this wiggle worm wearing his papa’s wide grin. mama and her baby boy.  blueberry muffins (made from a box). my favorite candle (malin + goetz dark rum) burning in the bedroom. a lace collar on little E. piles of tiny books in the nursery. and these two cute faces that belong to me.... Read more

a chalk board wall for miss eleanor.

a couple of weeks ago, josh and i painted a chalk board wall for eleanor in her nursery. i have long loved chalk board walls in homes (i painted one for myself in my first new york city apartment, and josh and i have had one in every space we’ve lived in together, too– see here, here, and here).... Read more

a baby lives here.

i’ll be the first to admit our house is never very clean….i’ve never been a very tidy person (why fold clothes in your drawer when you can just mash them all in there?) …and while i do make an effort to pick up my clothes on our bedroom floor now and again since marrying josh and learning it’s one of his biggest pet peeves, our home will probably always be a little bit messy.... Read more

our new dc home: the kitchen

i have lots of photos of our new place to share. i’ll start with the kitchen. i attached before and after photos to give you a little idea  of what i did. i knew the kitchen had a lot of potential  so i was most excited to start with it when we moved in.

i used black chalk board paint behind the counters  to tie in the black counter tops and make the ugly florescent lights  under the cabinets less noticeable.... Read more