sundays are for pancakes.

blueberry pancakes, at our house. but it doesn’t really matter….puffed pancakes, banana pancakes, plain pancakes. any kind, really, and you are good to go.  make them at dinnertime, they will taste better. and eat them with bacon. but don’t tell us if you do because then we’ll just be jealous because we didn’t have any bacon with ours and that was a bummer....

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a few favorite moments from last month, not to be forgotten.

^^^because this *was* a really beautiful moment. and then sister decided to kick brother in the back. you know, siblings. ^^^

^^^this box served as endless entertainment at our house for days … children don’t need toys. just tupperware. and a cardboard box. i swear. ^^^

^^^handmade rings with my loved ones’ names on my ring finger.^^^

^^^i don’t know where they get it from!...

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a tea party with papa.

long before that day in the delivery room when josh announced “it’s a girl!”, i had images in my head of hosting tea parties in the playroom for my future little girl someday. i couldn’t wait for the day when we’d get dressed up and sit with her teddy bears and dolls and i’d pour her a tiny cup of tea as she sat ever so still.... Read more