last week, on national donut day, a few of my girlfriends and i decided to wake up at 4:45AM so we could be first in line for dominique ansel’s new cronut. if you haven’t heard by now, it’s pretty much a croissant + donut, combined. and yep, it’s out of this world delicious.  apparently, the cronut is incredibly time consuming to make, so only 200 are made each day at the bakery (with a limit of 2 per costumer), so you have to get there early if you want one....

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eh hem.

ladies and gents,

after reading your comments, i feel the need to clarify. i’m NOT becoming vegan. while i totally respect my friends willpower and courage and awesomeness, i am a cheeseburger queen {hello!} i also love dairy a little too much. but i am taking steps to put better things in my body. like, hi-yah {most} processed foods.... Read more