cheeseburger birthday.

josh was being so difficult this year about this birthday (pretty sure 27 is his scary age) so we did away with my big party plan (it’s ok, there is always next year) and celebrated just the three of us with the big DC snow storm that came in this weekend. i made josh a homemade cheeseburger cake (i don’t recommend making fondant from scratch, my fondant tomatoes never worked and it’s a miracle the fondant cheese turned out at all….... Read more


i’ve had this roll of film from the diana+ in the car for months and just now developed it. i’m sort of really liking what the bitter cold of the car did to the films edges. what a lovely little surprise. xo ... Read more

snow day, part I.

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the twins flight was cancelled (for the second time in 2 days) with no available flights until christmas day. i’m driving them down to norfolk virginia tomorrow hoping they can get on a plane down there. (cross your fingers for us. they are getting tired of josh and me and our annoying behavior and desperately wanting to be home with the family.) but in the meantime, we’ve been taking full advantage of our winter wonderland with the twins here on capitol hill.... Read more