preserving old photos and videos!

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over the past few years, i’ve been trying to collect old photos and videos from my parents home in utah on occasion, trying to digitize them myself in some form to help preserve them. i am such a photo and video lover, which i think i get from my dad, who was so good at documenting my own childhood through videos and photos....

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girl or boy?

baby could come any day now! do you think we’ll have a girl or a boy? vote on the side bar! <————– and why do you think it’s a girl or a boy? ... Read more

have a sweet weekend! (and our giveaway winner….)

we certainly hope everyone enjoys their weekend! josh has a cold and i have a pulled hamstring and sore back (oh, ballet class) but we’re still determined to enjoy ours. and i almost forgot to announce our photoshop class giveaway winner, nanda! congrats! please email me your information! {[email protected]}

thanks to all who entered. and if you didn’t win, you can still sign up for one of nicole’s classes here.... Read more

old photo pitter patter.

do you ever come across an old photo and get déjà vu? remembering that exact moment, years ago… and just how many butterflies you felt then, and even now, when you look at it and think back? i love when old photos make my heart go pitter patter. *this photo was taken on a day trip out of nyc to costco with friends before we were married.... Read more

and a few months later we’d fall in love and plan a life together…

i was going through some old polaroids tonight  and found this old one of us.  it’s one of the first polaroids we took together. i had to hurry and scan it  before it got anymore messed up lying around. and oh the memories it brings back.  this was taken before we were husband and wife. before we were engaged.... Read more