at the pumpkin patch! {+ a giveaway with Plum!} (CLOSED)

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over the weekend, we rented a car and escaped the city in search of a pumpkin patch! a girlfriend of mine who lives in westchester recommended wilken’s farm, and it was amazing.  after a beautiful drive staring at all the leaves that have started to change colors, we spent a good portion of our afternoon just hanging out with all the pumpkins (and trying our very hardest to talk samson out of bringing home the very biggest pumpkin in the field, which he had his heart set on for quite a few minutes there, haha!...

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sometimes i can scare myself silly.

last night i woke up because i heard something. i got up and walked around the apartment with a flashlight. i’m pretty certain something was trying to get into our place through the air conditioner hooked up to the window. 

then, as i was going back to bed the computer turned on all by itself. i put it to sleep and got into bed.... Read more