the triple bunk bedroom!

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well, we bought and set up this triple bunk for the big kids back in july of last year (and somehow that feels like seven years ago this week?!). but all that time aside, i finally snagged some photos of the triple bunk and eleanor, samson and conrad’s updated room to share!


it was never intentional, but somehow the space theme slowly took over the room over the last few years (probably has something to do with all three of them being very into outerspace and something they mutually like together)....

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croissant making day! (+ a recipe for you!)

i have the most delicious croissant recipe for you today, plus lots of photos (and a video on my instagram!) from a croissant making class our family recently took at mille-feuille bakery! plus a discount for you to take the class yourself.

you might remember when eleanor and i took a macaron making class together at the same bakery a few years ago after our girls trip to paris where she fell hard for her raspberry macaron....

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well, it’s happening! we’ve made it to the monday before thanksgiving which means at this time on friday, i will be wearing christmas jammies and decorating my christmas tree with mariah carey singing her heart out on my bluetooth speaker and nobody can stop me. the best time of year is finally here and i’m gonna end this sentence with extra exclamation points just to get the message across of how stoked i am!!!!!!...

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thanksgiving in new york city!

around this time of year, many of you have questions about traveling to new york and spending the holidays here. i have rounded up our favorite things to do over the holidays in new york city (seriously the most magical time of year here!) and wanted to start off with a post for thanksgiving!

thanksgiving is a great time to visit the city, and i’m crossing my fingers the weather is nice this year for all the parade festivities....

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36 things to do in nyc this summer with kids!

with the warm weather upon us (and the splashpad waters officially turned on until the beginning of september), i wanted to share a post with some of our favorite things to do in new york city during the summer months with children! since this is often a frequently asked question this time of year with many of you heading this way to visit, i hope you can find this information helpful!...

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