energy. and my most reliable charger.

the last several days, i’ve felt like the exhaustion from life these past few months and the changes we’ve experienced have slowly been catching up with me. mama is tired. there is this never ending cycle over here of someone always hungry and needing to eat, dirty clothes into the wash and clean clothes needing folded, putting toys away and then still stepping on toys, trying to be attentive to each of my 5 babies while also trying to put out their little fires and keep the peace in a loving way....

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life lately, just flying on by. with lots of photos, too!

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i never know how it happens, but we’re in the middle of september already and i’m just sitting here thinking, “wow!” the past month has been a busy one, and for the most part, a wonderful one. the energy in the city is always a bit more apparent around this time of year, with school getting back into the swing of things and fall upon us....

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