snippets from life lately…

^^^eleanor is very pleased her sunday boots finally fit. mama is pleased, too. (bought them wayyy too big last spring.) ps. they are joyfolie brand, found on sale via gilt.^^^


^^^papa is king of the playground. ;)^^^

^^^sister sister.^^^

^^^aw, your eyes samson. i love you so much silly boy.^^^

^^^because “STATUE OF LIBERTY MAMA!!!!!!!!”^^^

^^^oh that deep blue door....

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a record deal?

i bought this saxophone for eleanor’s second birthday. it was 40% off at a local toy store so i couldn’t help it. but we ended up giving eleanor a scooter for her birthday and we felt like that was plenty, so we decided to hold onto the sax and give it to her at a future point.  ...

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“mix it, mix it!”

hello! it’s already monday night? today felt like the longest but also i can’t believe it’s ten thirty at night. is that even possible? i don’t know what’s going on here.

i feel like last week was such a blur. eleanor had a stomach bug last monday night and oh gosh, a sick toddler. nothing worse....

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row row row your boat!

saturday afternoon we took eleanor and samson on their first row boat experience in central park. the weather was just too good to not be in the park and it’s been on our summer to-do list since, well, may. we had a great time together taking turns rowing (our kids wanted to do all the work!...

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here’s to a good day, and an even better weekend!

hi there! i hope you had a great week and are about to have an even better weekend. i’m sure crossing my fingers for one.  to be honest, the last few days have been on the rougher side for me.  i haven’t been sleeping well at night, and that in and of itself is a large part....

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