back to new york city we go!

so…. in the next couple of weeks, we are moving our family back to new york city! we haven’t really figured out yet if we are just kind–of–sort–of idiots or absolute–complete idiots for deciding to go back when we now have two little ones, a dog, a car, and a whole lotta stuff (like a piano which i refuse to give up.) but regardless, we are thrilled!... Read more

moving in.

it takes a lot longer than anticipated to unpack when you have all these power outages (grrrrr), a baby that loves being held, a pup that wants to be played with, and feel like being lazy, yourself. but we are loving having a bit more space to stretch out in, floors that creak because they’re so old and a home full of charm and character.... Read more

a new wall & door.

sometimes marriage is hard. not only do you live and share everything with someone else, but you have to decide on paint colors without killing each other. if we’ve learned anything the last two years of our marriage, it’s how to compromise. so since i couldn’t convince josh to choose split pea,  and he couldn’t convince me to pick spring moss,  we settled for something in the middle,  and tequila lime is what we painted our wall this weekend.... Read more