over the weekend…

how was your weekend? ours was pretty great, although i think we’d both love a nap. ;)

on friday night we went out for dinner and i told josh to pick the place, any place! so naturally, we ended up at wendy’s. i swear we’d eat there every meal if it were up to him. but dipping fries into a chocolate frostie is sort of growing on me, so… saturday morning i threw a baby shower for my friend julie.... Read more

have a wonderful happy first weekend of april!

baby girl is 2 months old today. 2 months! she’s growing up so fast, but my mama was right when she said it just keeps getting better and better. baby girl is smiling, talking (as far as cooing and ahhing and giggling are concerned) and being absolutely adorable all the day long. i cannot get enough.... Read more

christmas lights.

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we spent a good portion of our day today at the d.c. temple with josh’s parents who are in town to celebrate christmas with us this weekend. all of the christmas lights on the temple grounds are beautiful. they make me want to grab a sleeping bag and camp out underneath them. but baby it’s cold outside!... Read more