this gave me goosebumps. then made me cry. and point my toes and flex my feet and want to get up and grand jeté across my bedroom floor. the human body is really something, no? i find few things in life as inspiring as good dance and music. thanks to michelle for sharing. ... Read more

eleanor’s first rock concert :: beirut.

earlier this summer, josh surprised me with tickets to see beirut! (ahhh!) after months of anticipation and excitement, so we drove down to richmond virginia on tuesday to see them perform. we debated what to do with eleanor. leave her in d.c. with a sitter? no. how about with kingsley? no. maybe find a sitter in richmond?... Read more

“count your many blessings.”

the weekend was beautiful. warm crisp weather, colorful leaves all over DC & people out everywhere. we basically lived outside. yesterday during church, we sang count your blessings. {in the hymnal, it says to sing “brightly!”} even if we don’t share the same faith, i think these lyrics are so beautiful, and very fitting for this time of year.... Read more