waking up on a wednesday.

yesterday josh woke up at the crack of dawn for his morning run. in the process, another person who lives in this house and who doesn’t quite yet understand what a beautiful thing sleeping in can be also sat up wide eyed, ready to play. i looked at them both and just rolled over. noooooooo. i can’t do this yet.... Read more

while in france…

i had my favorite big mac sandwich while in france at my beloved mickey d’s. familiarity in a foreign country is always nice.

you know what’s extra cool about mcdonald’s over in france? they sell macaroons and other fancy pastries there! and even though i don’t like macaroons, i think that’s pretty cool. and fancy. see?!... Read more

late night date to the drive-thru.

late last night as husband and i were crawling into bed,  we both got a sudden craving for one of our biggest loves, mcdonalds. and let me tell you, it was sooooo good. we are still obsessed.  but hoping we don’t get into a late night routine every night… …our poor waist lines. ... Read more

“filet-o-fish.” “filet-a-fish.”

thanks to my friends, this has been stuck in my head the past few days. 

husband and i also die over this one. we’ve been laughing over both all night…. although we probably won’t ever try the sandwich at mcdonalds.    we’re still loyal to the chicken nuggets and big mac.  ... Read more