figuring it out.

eleanor and her first doll from sweet carissa. i’m still figuring this all out. sometimes i think i can do more than i can and try to take on the world in impossible ways. i don’t like when people assume you are stuck at home because you have a baby so i’ve pushed and pushed to continue living life how i did before eleanor arrived.... Read more

right now.

{we might have taken full advantage of the mothers-to-be parking spot last May when we found out we were expecting. i know it was probably 5 months too early to take advantage of such a privilege, but we sort of didn’t care.} there are so many little things i love about where i am right now in my life that i kind of want to just pause everything and stay here a little while.... Read more

a few photos from the last little while.

1. i chose to wear long sleeve flannel on a 95 degree day. let’s not talk about it. 2. dunkin. love. 3. husband in his overalls. 4. kingsley is growing cuter each day. 5. a bump in my tummy. 6. husband sitting on our greatest craigslist find ever. have a great labor day weekend! xo ... Read more

frozen yogurt at bedtime.

it’s been cold and rainy in d.c. the past few days. not much has been happening around here. i kind of prefer it this way. we’ve been spending lots of time at home together which i love. i also love an early bedtime. so life is good. oddly enough, regardless of less stress and more sleep, the bags under my eyes have doubled in size.... Read more

valentines day. who and what do you love?

i really love this holiday.

because i love love. all kinds. it’s good for you. it’s healthy. i love josh. because he’s my best friend. he loves me for me and we’re a little family. i love my mom and dad. because they continue to be there for me. and support me. and still love me even though sometimes i pretend to know it all.... Read more