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as samson runs by me i hear eleanor from the other room call out, “come back! come back! i still need to test your reflexes! grab him, mama!”

josh: “eleanor, do you want some whole milk?” eleanor: “that’s not whole milk! that’s cows milk!”

“just take him away! take him away!” – eleanor, several times a day referring to her little brother, samson....

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a travel film: to amsterdam!

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we made a little film last month with bugaboo while traveling to amsterdam to speak at their global company conference, sharing a bit about our experiences traveling together and why we like to take our stroller with us on trips.

last year, we shared some tips and tricks we learned while traveling abroad in this post, like packing light and being flexible with your itinerary....

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a few moments from the past few weeks, not to be forgotten.

^^^she is getting so good on this little scooter! but sadly the fronts of all her left shoes are falling apart as she has no idea how to break any other way than with her cute foot. :| ^^^

^^^oh gosh, i am such a sucker for anything yellow. and traffic lights against old new york city buildings are something else.^^^


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a few moments from the past week or two, not to be forgotten.

^^^oh hey girl, you have a squirrel on your pocket!^^^

^^^PEEK A BOO!^^^

^^^christmas trees kicked to the curb all over manhattan. it is so depressing! and yet i somehow feel the need to take photos of them because i guess it’s my way of dealing with it. but good news is the trees are made into mulch for the city, not just tossed....

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that moment…

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five minutes before this photo, there’s that moment when you could pull your hair out because both are wanting your undivided attention and they’re making it known with those blessedly loud vocal cords. and you still don’t really have that tandem nursing thing figured out completely, so you rock one while you nurse the other to sleep in your bed.... Read more