little friends.

this is eleanor’s adorable little friend, evelyn. she’s only a few days older than eleanor (although we won’t tell you how many months before eleanor she started walking… eh hem.) ;) anyway, evelyn lives a little ways out in northern virginia so we don’t get to see her or her cute mama as often as we’d like, which is perhaps the reason eleanor can’t hold back the hugs, poking, in your face obsession with evelyn when she gets a chance to play with her.... Read more

bath time.

speaking of our play date with evie, i think this photo of the two girlies in the bathtub has stolen my heart. how darling can they get? i really truly hope and pray there is a sister (or brother!) somewhere for eleanor so she can experience moments like this on a daily basis soon (having four siblings of my own, i have to say, it’s the best thing ever).... Read more