we love when friends come to visit!

josh and i always talk about how we selfishly wish we could somehow pick up our best friends who now live all over the country and plop them all here in dc to live near us. now that would be something! until we figure out how to do that, we’ll just be grateful that we get to see some of them on occasion when they come visit us or pass through the district.... Read more

sarah in d.c.

one of my bestest friends ever, sarah, came to visit on saturday and it was such a treat to have her here and meet little e. sarah’s been dancing in LA for the last little while, so it’s been killing us both to have her so far away and not around to meet baby girl yet.... Read more

an afternoon with brett and chanel.

the trey mcintyre project is in town right now, which means we got to spend the afternoon with our dear friends, brett and chanel! oh how i’ve missed these two. and i just don’t get to see them often enough! the three of us were in the same graduating class at juilliard and it’s been so fun to watch these two talented friends really make names for themselves in the dancing world since graduation.... Read more

match box dances.

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a few years ago i worked with my dear sweet adam, a friend and classmate from our days at juilliard, on a short, four-part dancefilm, match box dances. it’s been picked up by a couple of film festivals, which we’re thrilled about, and was also just recently released online, which you can view in its entirety here.... Read more

a beautiful animated little film {and giveaway winners announced!}

a friend i grew up dancing with shared this beautiful little animated dance film with me last week and i can’t tell you how many times i’ve watched it since. i love anything with dance (well, good dance) and the collaboration behind this project is just magical. plus, animation rocks my world. it makes me want to go improv in my living room right now… maybe once this pregnant belly stops getting in the way, i’ll do just that.... Read more