cry baby.

last night, on the corner of E and 8th st, i had a big melt down for a good fifteen minutes in front of my husband. this morning, i woke up realizing two things: 1. i always feel better after a good cry. sometimes you just have to let it out (thank you, additional pregnancy hormones, for making this already hormonal girl extra hormonal.) 2.... Read more

dear life.

sometimes i get very sad. sometimes i have an awful morning. i try my hardest to stay positive and trust in the Lord but sometimes it gets really hard. i am currently trying to learn patience and understanding.  i am also trying not to compare or feel resentment or anger.  i’ll be honest and tell you it’s a constant struggle for me. ... Read more

and the bittersweet farewells begin.

this is collin. one of my dearest friends from the past four years at juilliard.  beloved roommate at 350 west, dance partner in a few too many pieces, biggest movie buff, took the best care of me during all the messy stuff and filled the role of “big brother” i never had while in school.  today was his last day at juilliard…he’s moving to chicago tomorrow to go be a big star for hubbard street.... Read more

on my way…

this is the part of the story where i take back everything i ever said about wishing graduation would hurry up get here already. now, with the big day less than 50 days away, i will admit i’m freaking out just a little. i’m finding myself scrambling like crazy to catch up on any moments i might have missed at juilliard....

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