making pasta in florence, italy!

we have been in florence the last few days as we’ve continued our adventure in italy. i have been to florence only one other time, but it is perhaps my favorite city in italy and it’s been such a treat to get to be back here with my family. yesterday, our family took a little pasta making class at a small restaurant in the city and we had so much fun!...

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making macarons with eleanor!

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when eleanor and i went on our mama-daughter trip to paris in february (blog post recaps here and here), you might remember how hard she fell for the raspberry macaron while we were there. i lost count of how many she ate, but they somehow trumped her love for nutella crepes during our time there and if you know eleanor, that is saying something!...

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we made bagels at orwashers!

a few months ago, a bakery named orwashers opened a new location on the upper west side and after one bite of croissant and another bite of homemade sourdough bread, our entire family was undoubtedly obsessed and found ourselves standing in line almost every morning in the coming weeks for the good stuff (samson often asks for a chocolate croissant for breakfast now first thing in the morning)....

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