sometimes i feel like kingsley doesn’t get as much attention as he once did now that we have two littles running around our home. and it makes me sad. but then again, the way eleanor caters to his every move, i think he may be getting more love in many ways (and a whole lot more meals, too.... Read more

the beach.

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here are a few more photos of our time on the beach in florida last week. we had so much fun on this last little trip as a family of 3 + kingsley before baby boy arrives in a few weeks! eleanor is at an age where she loves splashing in the water and finding sea shells and running from the waves… big improvement from when she tried to eat 5 million handfuls of sand the last time we were at the beach… and of course mister kingsley has always been a big fan of life in the sand and sun.... Read more


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  we just got back from spending a few days together in florida. one last hurrah as a family of 3… (or 4 as i always say because i like to count kingsley) before this new little mister joins the picture come june! we really lucked out too, because the weather down south was just beautiful. i have sunburned shoulders to prove it.... Read more

thank you for coming, friday!

i’m so glad it’s friday. we’re getting on the road tonight and taking a little weekend trip to charlottesville, virginia and i am so excited! yesterday was one of those days where i didn’t shower or put a bra on until 7pm. it was just… one of those days. (although let me tell you, at 33 weeks pregnant, it seems i’m having one of those days every other day.) this week i tried to tackle a number of projects around the house but with little E pulling on my leg every 10 minutes with a new book to read, the house is looking more like a tornado stopped by and stayed all week.... Read more

over the weekend…

over the weekend, we enjoyed an afternoon together as a family at the park. made these for lunch one day. watched a lot of this. josh and i went out for dim sum one night and donuts afterwards. we skyped with family. and enjoyed the last of the pretty blossoms around the district.

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