class of ’08.

i have to tell you, i miss juilliard. i miss the people. i miss the faculty. …i miss my class. {all 18 of them.} i miss risa’s inspiring words. i miss larry’s ballet class. i miss joe’s jazz warm up. i miss mr. price’s creative writing class. i miss hanging out in the dance hall with everyone.... Read more

best present yet this season…

…getting to spend a beautiful evening with these old lovelies. i LOVE that nyc is where everyone migrates back to for the holidays. and i LOVE that i get to live here and take advantage of spending time with them while they’re here. they’re also like….really talented. i love my friends.

happy holidays! ... Read more

baby steps, lovely faces & edward.

i went to juilliard yesterday. and by that, i don’t mean walking by 65th and broadway…  i mean i actually went inside. walked in, went to a performance, saw and chatted with all the faculty and students, made my way down familiar hallways and actually hung out inside a dance studio.  oh my gosh i can’t tell you how my heart was pounding when i stepped into the lobby.... Read more

to my loves of ’08.

dear class of 2008,

i may not miss the juilliard school as a whole, but i can’t tell each of you just how much i miss your creativity and everyday inspiration. i realize now just how much each of you contributed to my happiness over the past four years. for the record, i am no longer creative.... Read more