dear life.

sometimes i get very sad. sometimes i have an awful morning. i try my hardest to stay positive and trust in the Lord but sometimes it gets really hard. i am currently trying to learn patience and understanding.  i am also trying not to compare or feel resentment or anger.  i’ll be honest and tell you it’s a constant struggle for me. ... Read more

“i need my crayons. i love to …art.”

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one of my favorite clips of isaac.   can’t you tell he’s my little brother?  and can’t you tell the past ten years of his life he’s grown up with four older sisters and a mom who sing les miserables, cats, and mama mia all day long?  he needs to be on a stage.  


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let it snow!

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i was so excited to look out the window this morning and see pretty white snow flakes sticking to the ground here in new york! i missed the 4 feet of snow my family witnessed back home in utah last week!  here is my brother isaac on his way to collect the eggs from our chicken coop!... Read more

getting into the double digits

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isaac turned 10 today. he is my little rockstar.the cutest little thing you ever did see, and he’s my brother.

it’s not like he had four older sisters who loved playing dress-up growing up… nah.

and he’s the king of knowing how to entertain…

and he’s growing up way too fast. it’s not even funny.

I cannot wait for May when he comes back to new york again with the fam....

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