my sisters and my little brother.

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it meant the world to me to have my three sisters and little brother here over the weekend. i love these kids so much and enjoyed spending time with them. sure, technically they were here to meet eleanor more than hang out with me, but still. i’m glad we’re all so close and am really excited to see how their relationships with little eleanor develop and grow over the years.... Read more

utah trip. part I

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sister hannah and kingsley love.

we loved spending the past week in utah with our families. it’s such a beautiful place, and we had a wonderful time. we got lucky that my little brother isaac’s 12th birthday happened during our trip, so we got to be there for the festivities and see him ordained to the aaronic priesthood at our church....

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1 year out.

has it really been 1 year already since graduation? cannot believe it. here is my little brother isaac and me at graduation last year. maybe he will be the next juilliard grad in my family? {just kidding.} but see him play the piano here & here.  i’m very proud of him. ... Read more

happy birthday to my little brother isaac!

i don’t know if it’s because he’s grown up in a house with 4 older sisters + mom (that’s a lot of hormones) or if he was just born this way, but you’ll never meet a more loving and kind, caring and considerate eleven year old. he is quite the gentleman, always comforting his sisters and making sure we’re happy. ... Read more