um. adorable.

and yes, puppies and dogs are the only thing on our mind right now. there is no talking us out of it. and thanks for all of your dog recommendations, tips, and advice. photos from a forward mom sent us. ... Read more

on the search….

we’d love to have both of these….

but for christmas, we’re on the search for the one of the left. anyone know where we can get an excellent english bulldog puppy? —preferably on the east coast– (or do you have other recommendations for types of dogs)? we need your help! we are so excited!!!!!! we’re going to teach our little rockstar to do things like this.... Read more

last night around 3AM, husband elbowed me in the mouth while we were sleeping…

and almost 24 hours later my mouth is just now reaching its full capacity of soreness. 

oh, and my gums are purple and blue. it’s a good thing i love this man. {josh, please remember this next time i ask you for a puppy.} photo of us by johnny monahan from wayyy back in the day…  before marriage, bangs, our little blog or the recent developments in wanting a puppy.... Read more