styling short hair!

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here comes a post all about short hair! i’ve really been enjoying mine these past few months, especially during this post-partum stage where i’ve lost a lot of hair after conrad’s arrival (always so fun how that happens! just kidding.)

i’ve got my short hair styling routine down to just a few minutes! i wash my hair at night, so i don’t have to blow dry my hair, but let it air dry while i sleep (probably the biggest time saver)....

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i love…

picking up josh from the airport. (no more single parenting this week!) planning family trips for summertime.

bath time with eleanor. girl scout cookies. (thin mints, hooray!) any excuse to make a cup of aztec hot cocoa before bed. (like, rain!) the way my house smells after baking bread. little hearts in hot cocoa from peregrine.... Read more

i love…

making myself chocolate covered strawberries.

(even after valentines day) talking to my baby. taking a warm shower when she’s finally sleeping. breakfast for every meal.

friends who stop by to check in. friends and neighbors who kindly offer to walk kingsley. getting mail addressed to eleanor. looking at photos of my husband as a baby and toddler.... Read more