here’s to happiness {by astrid}

10 things that make astrid terribly happy: fall – all the pretty colours outside crafting – a bit obsessed with printing right now unexpected hugs the giddy feeling you have before a tour starts laughing till my tummy hurts family time the smell of cookies baking in the oven booking flights and train tickets lipstick celebrating the good and the tough times together thanks for sharing, astrid!... Read more

here’s to happiness {by caroline}

10 things that make caroline terribly happy: pumpkin in everything- pies, lattes, soups & cookies hearing my favorite song come on the radio the smell of freshly cut grass and freshly squeezed lemons reading a book that leaves a lasting impression bins of fresh flowers at the farmers market having a reason to wear my new trench coat and rain boots splashing around in said trench coast and rain boots being greeted by my husband after a long day’s work the feeling of the wind in your hair while riding a bike knowing that my favorite holidays are just around the corner thank you for sharing, caroline!... Read more

here’s to happiness.

in light of president’s uchtdorf’s message on saturday evening about turning the mundane into the majestic, i’d like to bring back the happy lists which we used to have on this little blog. writing them always made me happy. and i love hearing about the little things that make you happy, too. so here are 10 things that are making me terribly happy as of late: hearing the tiny clinking of eleanor’s two bottom teeth against my glass cup as she takes a sip of mama’s water skyping with family and friends and having eleanor give them kisses via the computer screen when kingsley bathes eleanor in puppy-lick-kisses bike rides around the district with my little family in this new warm autumn breeze frozen snickers bars (thanks to that large case we bought in anticipation of hurricane irene the other month) josh’s hand on my waist making it inside with the car seat and 2 large loads of groceries just before the rain begins to pour the end of mosquito season (we’re so close!) preschool gems twitter feed (so sweet!) that blessed and fast carpool lane on the highway when bumper to bumper traffic begins find more happy lists here.... Read more

here’s to happiness {christmas edition.}

it has been a long time since we’ve done a happy list on this blog. and since christmas is just a few days away, there is so much to be happy about and grateful for. so here are 10 things that make me terribly happy this week: the little girl at eastern market who saw kingsley and said “mom, why is that doggy so mad?” to which her mother replied, “he’s not mad, honey.... Read more

here’s to happiness {by million things}

10 things that make million things terribly happy: pictures – taking them, but mostly look at them after swimming in the ocean – i can’t wait for the summer ice cream, anytime talking to my family on the phone cuddling with baby o (kid #1) when he’ll let me cuddling with pepe (hubby) also, when he’ll let me feeling the baby kick sleeping in the color red watching old/ new home family videos thank you so much for sharing!... Read more