bonjour from paris!

bonjour! hope you had a wonderful weekend wherever you might be! since we were in amsterdam this past week, we added on a weekend in paris together as a family before heading back to new york tomorrow. paris is so close to holland by train and i mean, it’s paris. how can you not?  it is colder than cold right now and we (well, the littles really) are still up until 2AM most nights with jetlag (we’ll figure out this time difference just as we fly home, that’s how it always goes, right?!), but we are so happy to be here it doesn’t even matter....

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you are my wild.

i’ve been following the ‘you are my wild’ project the past few weeks, and have felt so inspired by the beautiful portraits that i wanted to share in case you hadn’t come across it yet.  14 photographers are collaborating by sharing a portrait of their child each week documenting how they see their children. it’s absolutely beautiful....

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here’s to happiness – holiday edition {by jacqueline}

here are 10 things about the holidays that make jacqueline terribly happy: secretly listening to holiday music in mid-october… ..and hearing your favorite holiday songs for the first time all year getting december holiday issues of your favorite magazines saying “happy holidays” and giving a big smile to everyone when you’re out and about (and having the sentiment returned!) that first bite of pumpkin pie making a stocking for your pet tracking santa’s trip online watching elf and home alone repeatedly, because once is not enough finding that perfect gift for a loved one… …and the look on their face when they unwrap it thanks for sharing, jacqueline!... Read more

here’s to happiness {by katie}

10 things that make katie terribly happy: my adorable new apartment in berlin… especially my tiny kitchen (lots and lots of cooking and baking!) the love of a wonderful man writing and receiving letters learning and speaking german every day the bright orange pumpkin sitting on my desk fall colours, smells, clothes. the cobblestones that line my little street finding love letters among the vintage postcards at the flea market chatting with my family and friends as if there’s not an ocean between us enjoying a nice cup of tea with my boyfriend on our sunny balcony thanks for sharing, katie!...

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