bear crawl with me.

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if i’m being totally honest, sometimes when life happens and i get out of my routine of working out or eating well, i often just throw all my goals out the window and i’m like, well that was fun while it lasted. and then as i try to gradually get back into my routine eventually, i feel so hard on myself for not being more focused or diligent or keeping to what i originally set out to do....

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bonjour from paris!

bonjour! hope you had a wonderful weekend wherever you might be! since we were in amsterdam this past week, we added on a weekend in paris together as a family before heading back to new york tomorrow. paris is so close to holland by train and i mean, it’s paris. how can you not?  it is colder than cold right now and we (well, the littles really) are still up until 2AM most nights with jetlag (we’ll figure out this time difference just as we fly home, that’s how it always goes, right?!), but we are so happy to be here it doesn’t even matter....

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bunched lunches are healthy…and we try to be healthy.

a kind blogger wrote about us on her blog and actually used the sentence “check out this adorable couple and their obsession with junk food.” …it made me nervous. and while we’re still big advocates for chicken nuggets and the big mac, here are some photos of us with salads, vegetable soups and sandwiches on wheat.... Read more