some hair TLC!

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what is it about getting your hair done that is just so much fun? between the part where you get to have someone else wash your hair, to having your hair actually feel soft and strong towards the end of your appointment to walking out of a salon feeling like a million bucks, i really think it’s up there in my favorite things to do for myself....

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weekend hair.

how was your weekend? i decided to give my brush the weekend off and somehow my hair looked like this for most of ours.

eleanor tried to help me out by combing it with a hanger on sunday morning…

that mostly just resulted in the hanger getting stuck in my hair. that was fun. bless her....

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ba ba ba bangs.

miss rubi gave me new bangs last week. they make me feel different, i love them! if you live in nyc, you should get your hair done by rubi.  you won’t regret it.  ... Read more