guest post // motherhood. from shawni pothier

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“Yesterday I was in one of those ‘woe is me’ moods because despite my most valiant efforts to teach them differently, my sweet children think dirty socks go on the floor in the kitchen. And they think the place for their discarded drawings and papers is strewn across the counter. And they are dramatic. And I didn’t have the one ingredient I needed for dinner I thought I had so our schedule got all messed up, and I was late to take the girls to gymnastics again and I had to wait on hold with the health insurance forever and got disconnected twice which makes me mad.... Read more

guest post // 10 adventures for siblings. by elsie & emma

Dear Eleanor, You might not know this yet… but you are about to have so many adventures! We wanted to share a few things that we love to do with our brother. You’re going to be a great big sister…. 1. You can make pancakes together! It’s the best thing to do on a Saturday morning… we promise!... Read more

guest post: what i love about motherhood, by leah wright

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“Being a mother is the hardest and most wonderful adventure I’ve taken in life. While I am lucky to have learned from my amazing mother, sisters, and friends about what it takes to be a mom, I owe it to my son and daughter for being my true teachers. They’ve taught me to forgive quickly, reminded me that learning is magical, and proved that taking time to sit, talk, and play with them one-on-one is much more important than having a perpetually clean house.... Read more

guest post: advice to a new mother, by megan hunt

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***first off, thank you for the sweet congratulatory messages. we are on cloud nine over here and feel very blessed that baby davis has finally arrived all safe and sound. while we go snuggle our new babe for a bit, i’ve asked a few of my favorite bloggers who are mothers to guest post on the blog.... Read more