cry baby.

i’ve been crying a lot lately. it’s obvious in these photos, but i love them anyway.and thanks to cameron kelly for taking some great photos after the show monday.i was too preoccupied with crying/ shock/ more crying to even remember to pull out my camera. i feel especially blessed to have my beautiful family in town....

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and today feels weird.

…the rain isn’t helping. {photo: the graduating class of 2008 pictured with the new senior class, of 2009. crazy.}

*thank you to everyone who came and saw our very last show last night. it meant so much. nothing feels better then a full audience giving you and your classmates a standing ovation. nothing.

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here goes the last time.

it’s my last time to ever perform on the big juilliard stage tonight.i’ve never battled with stage fright, panic attacks over my dancing, or been a shy/ nervous performer. in fact, i feel most at ease and best when i’m on a stage.but i have been pacing the apartment since 7am, experienced uncontrollable butterflies }i{ since yesterday, still freaking myself out about malfunctions with my costume/ lighting cues/ what-if-my music-skips-horror-thoughts and believe it or not, the crying/ giggle attacks have begun.but i cannot wait....

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they’re here!

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the family has arrived for my last few shows, graduation, and to party in new york city. we are loving every moment of entertainment they bring along!!!

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it’s the people i’ll miss the most…

…the friendships which are rock solid. crossing my fingers nothing changes after friday…

never thought my last week at juilliard would be as tough as it has turned out to be. never thought i’d be so attached to the school, the faculty, the friends. but then again, i’m always wrong… i should have known this was coming.... Read more