nyc guide: the kellogg’s cafe

over christmas break, our family took an early morning trip to kellogg’s nyc in times square to have a crazy breakfast of cereal with anything you can imagine on top.  or in other words, the kind of breakfast my kids (and me, let’s be frank) dream about. eleanor and samson were so confused as we were ordering and kept asking, “wait, i can have chocolate chips IN my cereal?!” lol....

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granville moores.

a little while ago we tried out the mussels and fries at granville moores over on h street with our friends. and… just like everyone proclaims, they were amazing. i don’t know how many times i have thought about them since… we need to go back.

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here’s the thing. i LOVE food. but i really don’t like cooking. i pretend i do sometimes…. because i feel like i’m supposed to. but honestly, if it doesn’t have less than 5 ingredients or i can’t throw it all in the crock pot, i don’t cook it. also, i like a lot of crappy food and i eat a lot of crappy food too.... Read more