a surprise for mama!

As a mother, what makes you happy?

If you were to ask me this question… well, shoot! Like, how much time do you have?! ;)

Obviously there’s the basic things– dirty clothes IN the hamper, tiny helpers IN the kitchen, kind words and affection shared between my littles and quick apologies voiced within our family unit when appropriate....

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the best gifts for a new mama.

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since i’ve had two babies now and i’m about to have another this winter, i feel like i’m finally *just* entering that phase of life where i can maybe pass a bit of wisdom or advice along to a new expecting mother and feel like it’s legit.  don’t get me wrong, just because i’ve done this mommy thing for a few years now doesn’t mean i know what i’m doing in the slightest, although it’s fun from time to time to pretend i do....

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